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Re: configuration management

Certainly True cfengine is your friend. It took me some time to get used to
it, but this is
way better then cvs or rcs especialy if you ned to manage different OSes. I
would reomend not to use the
latest version form www.cfengine.org (before 2.1.9 I had some stability

Hints for starting:

- Set up cfagent.conf in a way that a host not associated with a class will
not get any automatic configuration.

- The editfiles command syntax has changed frequently add you cfengine
version to the matching syntax
eg: cfengine_2_1.MyClass.MyHosts

- Do not Copy large amouts of binarys with cfengine call rsync from cfangine

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--On 3. Februar 2005 01:38:01 +0100 Martin SchrC6der <martin_(_at_)_oneiros_(_dot_)_de>

> CVS is a start, but it doesn't handle permissions and ownerships.
> For that you need makefiles or tools like cfengine.
> Best regards
>     Martin
> --
>                     http://www.tm.oneiros.de

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