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Tried to add 2010S I2O device but failed

Hello people,

I've been trying to get an Adaptec 2010S zero channel RAID card working. Presently, it is being misidentified thus :

"DPT SmartRAID 2005S" rev 0x01 at pci2 dev 8 function 0 not configured

The 2010S is an I2O device, so I figured that if I hack the device config, I might get it to wake up. This is what I have done so far, but I think I must be missing something (either that, or it just isn't going to work, full stop) :

1) .../sys/dev/pci/pcidevs
To stop the card being identified as a DPT one, I changed the DPT vendor to 0x9999 (to get it out of the way) and then created a new 'Adaptec 3' entry, thus :

/* Changed DPT entry from 0x1044 to 0x9999 */
vendor  DPT             0x9999  DPT
vendor  ADP3            0x1044  Adaptec3

I didn't really expect this to change anything functionally, but I thought it might have some affect later down the line, so that's why I did it.

2) .../sys/dev/pci/pcidevs
I added the 2010S product ID (based on what the DPT 2005S was reporting), thus :

/* Commented out the 2005S. Probably not necessary as the vendor ID
 * has been fiddled, but ha-ho, and added 2010S id
/* product DPT 2005S            0xa511  SmartRAID 2005S */
product ADP3 2010S           0xa511  2010S I2O RAID

I based the 2010S product entry on the existing I2O entries already defined (such as the Intel ones). eg :

product INTEL RCU32             0x3092  RCU32 I2O RAID

3) .../sys/dev/pci/pcidevs.h
Added 2010S entry (again, based on the reported 2005S) :

#define PCI_PRODUCT_ADP3_2010S          0xa511          /* Adaptec 2010S */

3) .../sys/dev/pci/pcidevs_data.h
...Now this is where I started coming unstuck I think. I changed the existing 2005S entry to a 2010S entry thus :

   "2010S I2O RAID",

4) .../sys/dev/pci/aac_pci.c
I DID add this entry to aac_pci.c :

        { PCI_VENDOR_ADP3, PCI_PRODUCT_ADP3_2010S, "Adaptec 2010S" },

...but then took it out again because I thought "this is an I2o device and NOT an aac one" so the aac device has nothing to do with it - correct ?

The net result of the above was (on boot) :

"Adaptec 2010S I2O RAID" rev 0x01 at pci2 dev 8 function 0 not configured

ie - exactly the same as I started with but with a different name. Not a huge success, I think you will agree. I can't even tell if it thinks the device is an I2O one or not.

My question is, assuming for the moment that the 2010S should work, can anyone point to what I have missed ? Specifically, what bit of the device config says "this is an I2O device - use the I2O driver" ? Is it just the "2010S I2O RAID" field in pcidevs_data.h, or have I missed something else ?


Richard Bentley.

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