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Re: configuration management

On Wed, Feb 02, 2005 at 10:37:20AM -0500, Lester wrote:
> I maintiain a couple of OpenBSD servers with a colleague of mine. We 
> are both busy and sometimes make changes to various config files and 
> don't always have time to let each other know about the change.
> Is anybody using some type of configuration management system that 
> allows for some monitoring of  certain files and can note when changes 
> occur and send emails or post messages to a web page when a change 
> occurs ? Or any suggestions (i.e. scripts) that would do something like 
> this.

RCS(1) is your friend. You can find a "HOWTO" at:


All the configuration files I make changes to are under RCS control. In
fact, I really can't imagine maintaining an OpenBSD system without RCS.

Have a great day!

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