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Re: BSD Certification

> On Wed, 2 Feb 2005, [ISO-8859-1] Guillermo Garcma-Rojas wrote:
>> Suppose that the Foo Bar company needs a person to give them support
>> and manage some *BSD boxes, how do I certify that I can handle the
>> work?
> Normally it's called experience. *Most* of the 'certifications' are
> nothing more than a piece of paper saying that you can take classes and
> pass tests (with some exceptions, of course, like the CNIE); the ability
> to perform a specific job is based on your experience, accomplshments,
> and track record.

But certification + experience is better in the eyes of employers.
Sometimes certification can at least establish a set of standard practices
for the platform.  If you have ever walked into taking over for someone
else in a Unix shop, you'll wish for more standard practices.  I'm all for
choice, but...
Will Backman
Coastal Enterprises, Inc.