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21st Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin

So 21c3 is over, and I am in the train back home.

As usual, it was a very ... "different" congress, with the first talks 
not beginning before 11am and the last ones past midnight. There also 
was a big hackcenter, where Wim ran a big OpenBSD booth.
Several developers showed up to discuss, drink and have some fun, 
including martin, marc balmer, mpf, moritz and max laier.

I did a talk on OpenBGPD and OpenNTPD, which went very well. The room 
was very crowded, there was obviously quite some interest in what we do 
and I had a lot of very interesting conversations afterwards.
Slides are at http://bulabula.org/papers/21c3/
I also took part in the "Hackitivities" again, which is some kind of 
gameshow done by Clifford. Much to my surprise I managed to win again :)

Overall, the quality of the talks given was quite high and covering a 
lot of interesting topics. The very special athmosphere at the 
congress accounted for the rest - very well spent 3 days, with a lot of 
fun, discussions, beer, and interesting contacts.