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Re: Problems booting OBSD

Didier Caamano wrote:
> Greetings to all:
> I having a little problem with OSBD 3.6, I recently installed it on an 
> old 486 machine, I am using a floppy to boot into the new system, 


> suffice to say that I am using the same floppy I used to install it, the 
> following is what I type in at the boot prompt and the error message I 
> get immediately after I issue the command:
> --Beginning of command and error message--
> boot>boot hd0a:/bsd
> booting hd0a:/bsd: open hd0a:/bsd: Input/output error
> failed (5). will try /obsd
> --End of command and error message--

That error is pretty clear: Input/output error while reading the hard
disk.  Your hard disk isn't working right.  Could be bad sectors on the
hard disk (a 486's HD is probably over ten years old), could be you are
trying to pull the kernel from an invalid spot on the disk, at least
according to the BIOS (i.e., your disk is not ten years old, and is too
big for what the BIOS knows how to boot), etc.

I suspect it has something to do with why you are trying to use a boot
floppy to boot from a hard disk.  Either your boot process is screwed
up, or you are trying to multi-boot the system, and probably have
OpenBSD after the 504M point on the disk (the common limit on 486 systems).