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Re: ProPolice inclusion in GCC ?

Ed White wrote:
> Looking at this interview with Richard M. Stallman it seems that
> ProPolice will be included in GCC.
>   http://www.linuxdevcenter.com/lpt/a/5491
> FB: Why hasn't GCC included any memory protection technology
> (PDF) yet?
> RMS: I will ask the GCC developers to take a look at these
> methods and report to me about the possibility of installing one
> or more of them in GCC.
> FB: After reading the paper I've sent you, what do you and GCC
> developers plan to do?
> RMS: They are now prepared to work with the people who wrote
> ProPolice. I hope the result will be to install ProPolice, but
> it will take some time.

Also check the gcc mailinglist. There are more people who think
propolice is the best thing since sliced bread. For example:


But there are also problems on the way, as in:


# Han