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wi0: host encrypt not implemented for 802.3

On the wired side of my wireless bridge, I see a lot of:

09:30:50.472517 802.1d config root=8000.0:50:a7:37:1c:0 rootcost=0x0 bridge=8000.0:50:a7:37:1c:0 port=0x8042 age=0/0 max=20/0 hello=2/0 fwdelay=15/0

from a switch, which results in a lot of:

wi0: host encrypt not implemented for 802.3

on the console.  I tried doing:

block in on $int_if
pass in on $int_if inet from any to any

in pf.conf to block all but IP traffic, but that had no effect. Anything else I can do, besides commenting out the lines in if_wi.c per http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/?l=openbsd-misc&m=107643511531934? The machine is running 3.5-stable, upgrading to 3.6 is planned.