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Re: MySQL trouble on 3.5-stable

Hey kibble,

Crikey, how could I have forgotten to look in MySQL's error log. So

> 041113  5:49:21 [Warning] Could not increase number of max_open_files
> to more than 1772 (request: 2048)

This is not happening. Had that before, but that is now fixed.

> Have a look in your .err file and see what it says when you restart
> your MySQLd ? Also check for any other errors that may well be in
> there and let us know...

The first seemingly related error:
041220 14:06:20  Error in accept: Bad file descriptor

This should constitute an errno 9.

Then, later:
041221 12:08:36  read_next: Got error 12 when reading table
041221 12:10:04  read_next: Got error 12 when reading table

Errno 12 means: Cannot allocate memory. These particular tables have
binaries in them. They are 11Mb and 21Mb.

There is 1024Mb of ram in this machine and no heavy load. Never got this
or any other error since I've upped the memory limit in /etc/login.conf.

I'll go check some docs. Thanks for the pointers!

Bye... Nico

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