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Re: Soekris, first hand experiences?

Henning Brauer dixit:

>depends on the task of course, but the soekris hardware is excellent.

Exactly. Even for non-single-use boxen (router/firewall,
cvs server, uw-imapd, openldap, login-ldap, occasionally
bittorrent) they're pretty good; the only bad thing about
mine is that I've got an Apple HDD in, so it runs PIO 3;
no DMA.

The net4801 even survived a 3-5 second power loss in my
city recently, only the NTBBA had reset (but it was short
enough for the 'net connection to not fail ;), so its
power consumption must be really really low, since I don't
have an UPS.

If you ssh to a soekris, you WILL LOVE connection multiplexing.
Without a crypto card, login's dead slow (but faster than on
my previous cvs server, a Pentium 120).