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[pf] number of rule

Hello misc :)

When in pflog I find something like "rule 0/0(match)" how can I find out what rule exactly matched the packet?

The answer should be "pfctl -sr -vv | grep ^_(_at_)_0" but there is more than one result, one is scrub and the other block:

@0 scrub in all no-df random-id fragment reassemble
[ Evaluations: 492115    Packets: 246762    Bytes: 0
      States: 0     ]
@0 block drop in log on fxp1 inet all
[ Evaluations: 3637      Packets: 639       Bytes: 30752
      States: 0     ]


BTW what does the number N of "rule X/N(match)" means? (where i was supposed to search for this info? pflog(4) and pflogd(8) didn't
help me (stfw neither).

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