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Auditing wireless networks

In an earlier post I asked for help getting a new Senao Engenuis 2511CD card (Prism 2.5 chipset) working with dstumbler. I have been getting "error: unable to ioctl device socket: Invalid argument"

So, I've spent about a week trying to get this working with RELEASE-3.6, so now I have to look to other tools. (I know there are wireless networks out there and I know the card works because it has been used in another machine). I thought I could install airsnort after reading some posts on misc@ which have suggested this. That said, I have been unable to compile the code (it complains about missing linux/wireless.h, and I've tried looking for info on bsd wrapper stuff) and I cannot find openbsd-related airsnort compile/install instructions anywhere. Has anyone got some handy hints to help me out here?

I've also looked at installing Ethereal after reading that it can capture raw 802.11 packets so that I can send the output elsewhere for analysis. Imagine my joy when it is no longer in ports (yes, I've read the posts on the reasons why). Is it worth me spending time trying to install Ethereal from source or am I truly wasting my time?

Have I got this all wrong and should I be using a different tool?

Seasons Greetings.

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