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Re: Boot Problem

Dave Feustel wrote:
> Plugging a Liteon DVD Writer as either master or slave
> into  the PCI IDE controller card of the computer I run 
> OpenBSD on prevents Openbsd  from booting at all
> (ie "insert floppy boot disk"is the  first boot message).  
> Unplug the DVD drive power and Openbsd boots as  normal. 
> I'm not sure this problem is worth dealing with since there are 
> other problems booting with this PCI IDE controller installed 
> and SATA is the future of disk controllers anyway, but this
> was wierd enough to mention at least.

Perhaps, but if the message is as you describe, it's not worth
discussing here.

That boot message means the system never tried to boot from the hard
disk.  That means nothing involved with the OpenBSD project was even
loaded.  That's an issue of the ROMs and functionality of your
PCI IDE controller.  We have no influence over that.

Many PCI IDE controllers basicly say "for hard disk only".  On-board
interfaces are great for CD/DVD/etc.  Never seen a DVD or CDROM drive
that could move data at UDMA-4+ speed, or UDMA-2 speed for that
matter.  I don't think I've seen any PCI IDE controllers which could
boot from a CD/DVD, though I can't think of any technical reason why
they couldn't be used that way.