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Re: vmstat -c 10

On Mon, Dec 06, 2004 at 02:34:57AM +0000, Edy Purnomo wrote:
> Hi,
> I've OBSD 3.4 running on PIV 1.6GHz, 256M, 40Gb ATA 7200rpm with:
> - firewall & NAT
> - transparent squid & delay_pools (approx. < 50 clients)
> - apache+mysql+php (not busy)
> but vmstat shows me that the I/O (?) is somewhat busy ?
> I believe the hard drive is fast enough to handle the services.
> What I should do to reduce the 'b' number ?

  please pardon the late reply. 
  if you're using diskd method of squid, that might be the reason
  for the extra activity.  diskd makes your load # higher and might
  be doing that too, but it isn't making your system slower - i think
  it is just a characteristic of how diskd works.

  if you're not using diskd... i dunno.  ps axl or top and look and
  see if you can visually discover what is making the "issue".  might
  be nothing to worry about ( b isn't increasing... afaik, that is
  what would suck, but a constant # with every service running and
  functioning as far as you can tell, that might not be a big deal )



[ openbsd 3.6 GENERIC ( nov 4 ) // i386 ]