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Re: Intel says no to permitting firmware redistribution

> >When  building OpenBSD  firewalls I  have exclusively  recommended Intel
> >as  the  best choice,  however,  given  these  facts, I  am  considering
> >alternatives; what other NICs work well?  I avoid xl based cards because
> >they seem to be less reliable than fxp.
> >
> >Andy
> >  
> >
> I've haven't had problems with xl, but my firewalls aren't exactly high 
> traffic.  They do have a tendency to gush "command never completed" 
> errors to the console, but nothing that meant packets or stability was 
> being compromised.  dmesg of one of those firewalls, built a couple of 
> months before I was laid off (My boss insisted on buying a Dell, I asked 
> him to get the cheapest possible with a PCI slot, this is what I got...)

>From what I have read, Gigabit cards should be on the motherboard, or
PCI-x.  Standard PCI slot can't handle gigabit.  This puts a lot of
pressure on using Intel, as they make a lot of the on-board stuff.