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Re: Soekris NIC - poor performance

Adam wrote:
> On Sun, Dec 12, 2004 at 12:27:45AM +0100, Paul de Weerd wrote:
> > On Sun, Dec 12, 2004 at 12:04:25AM +0100, Han Boetes wrote:
> > > vi is inconsistent with vim. And the differences are
> > > annoying.
> >
> > I'd argue you got that backwards. vim has serveral additions
> > over 'normal' vi. If you learn the default features of vi, you
> > can work with vim. If you accept the vim feature-set as vi-
> > reference, you'll get disappointed.
> Not entirely. I would agree that he stated it backwards, however
> vim does behave in a different way for certain things, its not
> just more features, its also changing the way it does some
> things. For instance, p doesn't paste the same in vim, and when
> you are used to the nvi behaviour, it can really mess you up.

Indeed. You can't imagine how lost I was when trying to edit the
crontab for root, until I found out that crontab uses the VISUAL
env variable.

And I am _very_ glad mg is available in the default install.
Though I use zile for most of the small edits though. It does have
a proper EOF detection.

Tip for people who have /usr on a different partition:

1) Build your favourite mini-editor staticly and install it in

2) Copy /usr/share/misc/termcap to /etc/termcap (and don't
   overwrite that file with the next update ;-)

# Han

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