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Re: Soekris NIC - poor performance

On Sat, 11 Dec 2004, Dave the Optimist wrote:
> The above happens while sitting at my desk watching a movie on my flatscreen
> tv which is mounted just above my dual flat screen computer monitors.  Where
> would you rather perform your edits?  Here...or in the server room standing
> at an old crt monitor listening to the hum of fans in the background?
> Then I walk to the server room.
> Insert floppy
> mount /mnt
> cp /mnt/p* /etc
> unmount /mnt
> I return to my desk only having missed 2 minutes out of watching the Paris
> Hilton video.  LOL

Gee, with a server room I figure you'd have a serial console server setup
to all the various servers you have.  I know I have one in my server room
at home.  Then you don't have to miss ANY of your favorite Paris Hilton

Oh, yeah, can you teach me o wise one this "unmount" command?  I can't
seem to be able to find it anywhere.

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