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Re: Replacing /usr with a Bigger Partition

Greg Wooledge wrote:
> Dave Feustel (dfeustel_(_at_)_verizon_(_dot_)_net) wrote:
>> Years ago (when I was working at ATT?) the preferred
>> method of copying files between disks
>> was  to pipe the  output of cpio in the source directory to
>> another cpio running in the destination directory. No one
>> recommends this anymore?
> You're thinking of tar.
> (cd /src; tar cf - .) | (cd /dest; tar xvf -)

Tar works as well.  cpio is prefered by some, better error handling, as
I recall (though if you get an error in THIS situation, you will
probably be more interested in FIXING it rather than recovering from
it...  dump can also be used.

btw: long thread, no one ever pointed out that this situation is covered
in the FAQ: