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Re: Kernel PPPoE client

Thus spake Jason McIntyre (jasonmcintyre_(_at_)_f2s_(_dot_)_com) [07/12/04 15:10]:
: > I was just hunting for things like dial-on-demand mode and
: > auto-redial-when-link-dropped mode.  Where is this documented?  I've
: > discovered my problem (no LCP Echo Requests), I just need to get OpenBSD to
: > bring the link back up as soon as it drops.
: > 
: you could try

According to the description, this isn't exactly what I'm looking for:

a) My ISP uses LCP Echo Requests, they just fail periodically;
b) There's nothing in the logs (with that verbal diarrhea called 'debug'
turned on) at *all* about re-establishing a new connection, or the failure
of attempting to do so;
c) My ISP (please correct me if I'm wrong, ISP) doesn't necessarily limit
the number of allowed connections, so in theory, shouldn't be rejecting new
connection requests.

I'll give it a shot, though.