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Re: Kernel PPPoE client

Thus spake Thorsten Glaser (tg_(_at_)_66h_(_dot_)_42h_(_dot_)_de) [07/12/04 12:04]:
: I got it working in dial-on-demand mode (flag link1 set in
: ifconfig), with a shell script throwing out a heartbeat UDP
: packet out every minute (anyway, since it's got an IPv6
: tunnel at SixXS) and reloading pf if the interface address
: has changed.

I was just hunting for things like dial-on-demand mode and
auto-redial-when-link-dropped mode.  Where is this documented?  I've
discovered my problem (no LCP Echo Requests), I just need to get OpenBSD to
bring the link back up as soon as it drops.

For the record, this seems to be at least acceptable for a static IP.  It's
nice to have the interface actually brought up before the daemons are, so
I'm not kludging around in rc.local to bring up things like named.  I don't
need to do things like reload pf, though.

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