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OpenBGP and OpenCVS T-shirts ?

Hi Everyone on Misc,

	Please don't flame me.  I really like OpenBSD T-shirts and own all
of them (including the single polo (*I wish you had another polo*)), every
CD set since I started using the OS full time at work and at home, and
several Posters.  I really like wearing my OpenBSD T-shirts to Cisco
Networking Conventions as well as Nanog.  Its always nice to hear Cisco
Eng. say "Wow thats great you support the Open Source group" (contrary to
popular believe a lot of people at Cisco actually like the Open Source
concepts - I think its just the money grubers at Cisco that are rude to
the idea).  I would really enjoy wearing a OpenBGP T-shirt and OpenCVS
T-Shirt at work and at play to show my support.  Just curious if any
thought has been put into that idea.  Yes I do donate money.

Thanks for any replies and OpenBSD crew you guys rock!

Jason Houx

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