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Re: http://www.openbsd.org/anoncvs.html

Dave Feustel wrote:
> I am just getting started with anoncvs, but the
> text below raises question in my mind.

you shoulda looked BEFORE I cleaned it up. :)

>> Getting Started Using Anonymous CVS
>>  While you can download the entire source tree from an AnonCVS server,
>> you can often save a lot of time and bandwidth by "preloading" your 
>> source tree with the source files from either the OpenBSD CD or from
>> an FTP server. This is particularly true if you are running -stable,
>> as relatively few files change between the -release and -stable. 
>> To extract the source tree from the CD to /usr/src 
>>(assuming the CD is mounted on /mnt): 
>>     # cd /usr/src; tar xzf /mnt/src.tar.gz
>>     # cd /usr; tar xzf /mnt/XF4.tar.tz
> # cd /usr; tar xzf /mnt/XF4.tar.gz

oops.  fixed.

>>     # tar xzf /mnt/ports.tar.gz
>> The source files for download from the FTP servers are separated
>> into two files to minimize the time required to download for those
>> wishing to work with only one part of the tree. The two files are
>> sys.tar.gz, which contains the files used to create the kernel, and
>> src.tar.gz which contains all the other "userland" utilities. In
>> general, however, you will usually want both of them installed.
>> Assuming the downloaded files, src.tar.gz and sys.tar.gz are in
> /usr:
>>     # cd /usr/src
>>     # tar xzf ../sys.tar.gz
>>     # tar xzf ../src.tar.gz
>>     # cd /usr
>>     # tar xzf XF4.tar.gz
>>     # tar xzf ports.tar.gz
> These instructions refer to sys.tar.gz and src.tar.gz,
> but on my 3.6 cdrom #3 are src.tar.gz (sys?) and ports.tar.gz (src?)

And this section was about what is on the FTP SERVERS, not what is on
the CDROMs.  What is on the CDROMs was described earlier.

> X4 and src are shown as unzipped to /usr while ports is shown
> to be unzipped to /usr/src. 

noooo...that's not what it says.

But yes, different things get unpacked into different places. No, I
don't have an explaination, I suspect it is a historical thing that
would create a lot of problems for a lot of people now if we suddenly
changed it.

Besides, we get a good laugh when people unpack things in the wrong
place.  :)

> I would have assumed that all three
> gz files would be unpacked to /usr/src, but that does not seem
> to be the case.

Your guess is wrong.
You have no reason to guess, use the 't' option of tar to see what is in
the tar files.

> So I am confused. Can someone make sure that what is documented in
> http://www.openbsd.org/anoncvs.html is correct for working from the
> 3.6 cdroms?

The document covers MORE than just CDROMs.
Use the FTP parts with the CDROM instructions or vise-versa, you deserve
what you get. :)

There is much that could be improved on this page.  I recently made it a
lot better than it was, but there is a lot of rework that could still
take place -- and I mean REWORK.  Not a one-line diff here and there.
However..got a lot of other things I gotta get back to, so if someone
else wants to take a stab at this page (stab,  slice,  dice,  whatever),
show me your work...


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