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Re: Wireless Card Receiving, Not Seeing, Packets

On Monday 06 Dec 2004 12:58, Alex Kirk wrote:

> While software WEP did not allow me to use a properly sized encryption key,

What do you mean?

> let me quickly ask you one more question: any tips on upgrading the firmware
> on a non-Windows box? If not, I can find a Windows box to use, but if you do
> know of a good way to do so on an OpenBSD/Linux box, that'd make life a lot
> easier. 

Read the page below and the those linked from it. There are bootable Linux 
floppies/cds that have the ability to update Prism firmware.


I prefer the Intersil winupdate.exe utility. YMMV.

As it's an HWB3163 rev.B (i.e. old Prism2) card many firmware images won't be 
compatible. Primary 0.3.0 (you already have it) and station 1.5.6 or 1.7.1 
are the most recent AFAIK.