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I am just getting started with anoncvs, but the
text below raises question in my mind.

> Getting Started Using Anonymous CVS
>  While you can download the entire source tree from an AnonCVS server,
> you can often save a lot of time and bandwidth by "preloading" your 
> source tree with the source files from either the OpenBSD CD or from
> an FTP server. This is particularly true if you are running -stable,
> as relatively few files change between the -release and -stable. 
> To extract the source tree from the CD to /usr/src 
>(assuming the CD is mounted on /mnt): 
>     # cd /usr/src; tar xzf /mnt/src.tar.gz
>     # cd /usr; tar xzf /mnt/XF4.tar.tz

# cd /usr; tar xzf /mnt/XF4.tar.gz

>     # tar xzf /mnt/ports.tar.gz
> The source files for download from the FTP servers are separated
> into two files to minimize the time required to download for those
> wishing to work with only one part of the tree. The two files are
> sys.tar.gz, which contains the files used to create the kernel, and
> src.tar.gz which contains all the other "userland" utilities. In
> general, however, you will usually want both of them installed.
> Assuming the downloaded files, src.tar.gz and sys.tar.gz are in
>     # cd /usr/src
>     # tar xzf ../sys.tar.gz
>     # tar xzf ../src.tar.gz
>     # cd /usr
>     # tar xzf XF4.tar.gz
>     # tar xzf ports.tar.gz

These instructions refer to sys.tar.gz and src.tar.gz,
but on my 3.6 cdrom #3 are src.tar.gz (sys?) and ports.tar.gz (src?)

X4 and src are shown as unzipped to /usr while ports is shown
to be unzipped to /usr/src. I would have assumed that all three
gz files would be unpacked to /usr/src, but that does not seem
to be the case.

So I am confused. Can someone make sure that what is documented in
http://www.openbsd.org/anoncvs.html is correct for working from the
3.6 cdroms?

Dave Feustel