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Re: xmms Dell 400SC /dev/mixer: Device not configured

On Thursday 02 December 2004 04:10, chefren wrote:


>    /dev/mixer: Device not configured

Seems like the audio device is not configured for your system (which is proven 
by your dmesg output). There should be lines reading.

ac97: codec id 0x...
ac97: codec features ...
audio0 at auich0

I _guess_ that the kernel doesn't recognise your AC97 codec. So an upgrade 
might help.

> I thought I had to use ports but it was already there, probably because I'm
> using KDE?

Yep, xmms is a dependency of one of the KDE packages (can't remember which 

> If I insert OpenBSD CD2, and start the program cdio and type "play 2" the
> LED on the CD-drive starts blinking. But no audio comes out of the
> motherboard.

Could be either mixer related problem (cd input is muted) or you didn't 
connect the cdrom with your sound card.

> Tried the same on a comparable installed 3.6 test machine with A-Open
> motherboard, SoundBlaster PCI-card.  The program xmms also starts there but
> pointing at .mp3 files doesn't load them. 

Install the xmms-mp3 package.

Regards, Stephan

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