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Re: VIA RhineII-2 (vr driver) network card or Quad port Ethernet card?

...on Fri, Dec 03, 2004 at 08:01:57PM +0100, Daniel Polak wrote:

 > copying impairs transmit performance on slower systems but can't be
 > avoided.  On faster machines (e.g., a Pentium II), the performance impact
 > is much less noticeable.
 > OK I will heed the implied warning in "much less noticeable" then.

Well, with the onboard RhineII-2 on a Via Epia board, 
I constantly get messages like the following:

/bsd: vr0: watchdog timeout
/bsd: vr0: rx packet lost

...and that's just on a slow link (DSL).

Don't think it would be a goot choice for 
environments with more traffic...