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Re: nptd not changing time.

A suggestion for the log message>
log_info("The kernel will slowly adjust the clock by %f seconds to
allow scheduled programs to run.", d);


Said Outgajjouft

Henning Brauer wrote:

>* Jason Crawford <jasonrcrawford_(_at_)_gmail_(_dot_)_com> [2004-12-02 22:51]:
>>No, I DO understand, however the log doesn't say *needs* to adjust, it
>>just says, adjusting by. So people think, that's how many it did
>>adjust it by. They don't think, it adjusted by a few seconds, and
>>STILL NEEDS to adjust by however many more, since that isn't what the
>>log says. I have read the man page for adjtime() so I DO understand
>>what is going on and why. All I'm saying is, a differently worded log
>>message would stop more people from being confused by this.
>so I'll change
>	log_info("adjusting local clock by %fs", d);
>	log_info("now kindly asking the kernel to adjust the clock "
>	    "by %f seconds but it will not do so at once so maybe "
>	    "it takes a while", d);