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Re: nptd not changing time.

Jason Crawford dixit:

>No, I DO understand, however the log doesn't say *needs* to adjust, it
>just says, adjusting by. So people think, that's how many it did
>adjust it by.

No. It says "adjustING by", not "adjustED by".
This tense (forgot the grammatical term, progressive or whatnot)
is used to describe a currently running, or even started
precess, not one which has already finished.

>              They don't think, it adjusted by a few seconds, and
>STILL NEEDS to adjust by however many more

To adjust is a term pretty common here. People have been
advising you to RTFM. Not ntpd does adjust, the kernel
does - and it does not "adjust by seconds", but it adjusts
the _rate_ the clock uses, _until_ it has been adjusted
by N seconds.

>what is going on and why. All I'm saying is, a differently worded log
>message would stop more people from being confused by this. And I'm

I don't think so.