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Re: arp / arplookup / arpresolve SOLVED

Seems to be a good idea to make sure that
ALL interfaces are on different subnets ...

(Config had been copied from another firewall
which had 2 interfaces only while this one has

> I have read man 4 arp and man 8 arp.
> I searched the archives and found lots of things matching
> the keywords but not my problem (at least I think so).
> Situation (3.5 gateway/firewall):
> rl0 connected to internal network
> rl1 connected to DSL modem
> => everything fine
> After "swapping" the interfaces, changing /etc/ppp/ppp.conf
> and rebooting:
> rl0 connected to DSL modem
> rl1 connected to internal network
> => ppp works fine but from the gateway I cannot connect
> to the internal network and vice versa.
> I tried solving the problem by adding a route in /etc/rc.local:
> route add -ifp rl1 192.168.xxx.yyy 192.168.xxx.yyy
> But this only changed the error message
> from
> /bsd: arp: attempt to add entry for 192.168.xxx.yyy on rl0 by "MAC" on rl1
> to
> /bsd: arplookup: unable to enter address for 192.168.xxx.yyy
> How can I specify that only the network connected to
> rl1 should be "used" for this (or which interfaces should
> not be used)?
> Regards
> Klaus