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Re: wol with xl NIC

Matt Van Mater wrote:

 This may be a really stupid question, but I can't wake my obsd
 machines using WOL. It seems like such a simple problem, but I
 haven't been able to find a solution.

 The machines I've tested with are running OpenBSD 3.4 and 3.6. They
 are all Dell GX110 hardware that includes an integrated xl NIC. The
 BIOS indicates that WOL is enabled for the onboard nics. The link
 light remains active on the back of the nic and on the switches and
 hubs I've tested with when the machine is powered down.

 I've tried using the wol program from ports as well as the perl
 net::wake module and nothing wakes these suckers up.

 I know that the developers don't think much of the xl cards or
 drivers, so maybe this is a hardware/driver problem. Is there some
 issue where OpenBSD doesn't support acpi or some other standard that
 is needed for WOL, but just assumed by all the WOL docs out there?
 Everything i've found just says make sure wol is enabled, make sure
 link light is on, and send the magic packet... thats it.


Some BIOSes require you to enable wol, as well as specify it as an ACPI event.

Works with my junk.



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