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On Wednesday 01 December 2004 12:37 pm, you wrote:
> I just ordered the OpenBSD 3.6 CD Order number 16079 on 2004/11/30. and
> e-mailed them yesterday that I failed to ask if this system will work with
> my PC which is a new Dell Dimension 8400 with Microsoft Windows XP home
> edition using Verizon DSL Webtell Wire Spped modem as my ISP and to let me
> know if it's compatible with my system before they ship it to me.They just
> e-mailed me back that they are only the shipping agent and that I should
> contact you about this issue.
> Please advise my e-mail address nelson_(_dot_)_rodney2_(_at_)_verizon_(_dot_)_net
> asap
> thank you
> .

Thanks for your non-refundable donation. 
Have a happy and clueless day!