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Re: sh script from cron

On 2004 Dec 1, at 1:12 PM, Gabriel Cosentino de Barros wrote:

>> [...] And it's not a
>> terrible idea to treat scripts for cron jobs akin to CGIs and be
>> paranoid about validating all inputs, etc.
> What's so wrong with cron. sorry, i don't think i got the picture here.

In Roy's case, he was using it to check a Web site. If that site could 
be hijacked in such a way that it made curl vulnerable....

If you had cron call something in $HOME/bin, and that checked a config 
file of its own, there're two more avenues of attack.

Paranoid programming is a good idea in any case. It's just that cron 
adds the extra bits of automated and non-interactive running...which 
gives an attacker lots of chances to get it right and  means that you 
might not even know if something's gone worng.

Of course, if you're just doing something like this:

45      1       *       *       *       cd /usr/src && cvs -q up -PAd 

then you probably don't have much to worry about. Assuming you trust 



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