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Re: Opening Firmware and Documentation

Peter H. Coffin wrote:

On Thu, Oct 28, 2004 at 09:29:25AM +0200, Marco Feenstra wrote:

Can the OpenBSD homepage be used to promote products bymanufacturers who care.

Argh. Complicated.

One page updated every release and containing 20-30 manufacturers is not rocket science nor complicated, imho.

If you've already chosen the hardware, the fact that OBSD promotes
something else is unlikely to change your mind.

It is for those that have yet to choose their hardware, and for those in the upgrade replacement market.

If you've already chosen the OS, the fact that hardware is listed on the
"supported hardware" page is enough to get that vendor preferential
selection, and probably to the point that *only* those vendors will be

I was not talking about vendors, but it gives the manufacturers the option to distinquish themselves from the rest. Now all are one the good AND the bad and ugly.
The page makes no seperation between hardware which has reverse engineered drivers and hardware that was implemented using the techdocs.

The OpenBSD developers already develope preferentially for hardware that
has good licenses. If/when there is ENOUGH good-licensed hardware out
there, the support for not-good-licensed hardware atrophies and stops
being supported.

At the end of the road the logic of your statement makes sense we are here now and not yet at that point in time. My suggestion would help those buyers, who don't read misc@ and only read the hardware page, to make an informed decision about where to spend their money at this point in time.

The idea was to create an additional motivation for manufacturers to grease the wheels when talking to manufacturers. It might not be the best thing, but lets face it, the devs are already doing something like this in interviews, giving free marketing to manufacturers when making comments how manufacturer X helped them supporting hardware Y.

Cheers, Marco Feenstra

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