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Re: I miss mount_ntfs

> On Sat, 30 Oct 2004, Sebastian Rother wrote:
>> 1x SCSI with OpenBSD 3.6
>> 1x SATA with Windows XP SP2 + Patches
>> I did a "man -k ntfs" and got the manual for mount_ntfs but "mount_ntfs"
>> seams not to exist on my system.
>> I tried "mount" with -t ntfs but mount told me it don't know ntfs.
> is this on amd64?  (i shouldn't have to ask.)  mount_nfs wasn't built on
> amd64 in 3.6.  you can edit the makefile or cvs update it, and build it.
> --
> we have nothing to lose because we don't have anything
> anything we want anyway

Yes it's our coding-computer and home-server.
vh spamed the list already with the specifications.

So could you write me exactly what's to do to create mount_ntfs?

Friendly greetings,
Sebastian Rother

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