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Re: Books to learn more about OBSD

Hello misc,

many thanks for your tip! I ordered the 4.4BSD one. 
I want to learn more about the kernel and how to programm drivers. As an
electrical engineer i am intrested in microcontroller and so on. So i
think the 4.4BSD + src + manpages will fit my needs. 
And after some time you´ll get some cool microcontroller/hardware stuff
(I will do my best to be a productiv part of the community!)


Am Do, den 28.10.2004 schrieb Juha Erkkila um 22:48:
> On Thu, Oct 28, 2004 at 08:52:26PM +0200, Thorsten Johannvorderbrueggen wrote:
> > i searched for a book, to learn more about OBSD. After some "googling",
> > i found two books which may fit my needs: "Design and ... 4.4BSD
> > Operations ..." and "Design and ... FreeBSD ...".
> > My question is: which one is "better" for OpenBSD? Should i buy the
> > 4.4BSD or the FreeBSD one?
> well, i bought the 4.4BSD one today.  i think it's an excellent
> book (i've read it before), and would heartily recommend it to
> anyone interested in OpenBSD kernel programming.  though i can't
> speak as a kernel programmer.  note that both are (AFAIK) almost
> only about kernel internals, not much about userland programming
> there.  the FreeBSD book should be interesting too, but i didn't
> really consider it, because i've understood that current FreeBSD
> (5.x) is quite a bit of a redesign of the kernel, and thus should
> not be very relevant to OpenBSD.  one could of course have the point
> of view that learning about FreeBSD might help implementing the
> same concepts in OpenBSD, but what's the point in that really? ;-)
> so i'd pick the 4.4BSD one (already did!), and take a look into
> manpages section 9 and then into /sys ...
> Juha