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Re: setting runlevel to single-user

On 2004 Oct 28, at 10:25 AM, Henning Brauer wrote:

>> The end of rc.local seems perfect.
> no, that is about the worst place you can find, because it is
> nontrivial to remove during pkg_delete,

That depends on what kinds of requirements you put on the scripts (and 
script-writers). If you require them to follow the already-standard 
``if [ X"${foo_flags}"...'' formula and be properly indented, then it's 
trivial. Just whack everything from that first line up through the next 
``fi'' on a line by itself.

> and then I really don't buy why
> daemon startup scripts for all daemons should be in one place.

      The rc.securelevel and rc.local scripts hold commands
      which are pertinent only to a specific site.

      rc.local is executed towards the end of rc (it is not the very 
last as
      there are a few services that must be the started at the very 
end).  Nor-
      mally, rc.local contains commands and daemons that are not part of 
      stock installation.



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