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Re: setting runlevel to single-user

* Brett Lymn <blymn_(_at_)_baesystems_(_dot_)_com_(_dot_)_au> [2004-10-28 10:38]:
> The thing a lot of people who are not used to running a lot of machines
> or a complex environment miss is that you may not always be there and
> someone with less knowledge/skills than themselves may need to step up
> to the plate to deal with something important - they will then test your
> memory recall by expecting you to be able to talk them through the exact
> steps and/or names to restart something.

we are running about a hundred openbsd systems 24/7.
I know where openbsd is lacking wrt systems management. and it is.

the biggest culprit is still upgrades (yes, it sucks less than most 
other OSes, but still sucks); the port/package upgrade pain is about to 
be solved, leaving base. I know how to solve it. Bob knows how to solve 
it (and guess what, we basically came up with the same concept 
individually, with only minor differences). Neither of us will be able 
to actually implement that within a reasonably near future - we're at 
the "lack of manpower" point again. qualified manpower, I might add.

> As I keep saying... recent NetBSD or FreeBSD...  I know when the system
> was first proposed in NetBSD there was a lot of *ahem* discussion.

I can't forget this wonderful diagram the NetBSD people had at 
euroBSDcon to show how easy their rc system was. It looked like they 
gave a <= 2 years old a pen to get that diagram. Hilarious.

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