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Re: question about netstart, hostname.xxx

On Wednesday 27 October 2004 05:07, Greg Thomas wrote:
> STeve Andre'
> > On Tuesday 26 October 2004 22:10, Nick Holland wrote:
> >> Matt Van Mater wrote:
> >> > Can I create numerous /etc/hostname.ifname files even if that
> >> > particular interface doesn't exist?  For example I might have a
> >> > hostname.fxp0, hostname.xl0, hostname.rl0, etc.  Will netstart die on
> >> > me if it tries to start an interface that doesn't exist?
> >>
> >> Nope, I do this on my laptop...which ever pcmcia card I stick in it is
> >> processed, the rest are just ignored, not even an error message.
> >>
> >> Also, if I change the NIC on a machine, I usually leave the old
> >> hostname.* files in place rather than removing or renaming them, just in
> >> case I realize the problem was elsewhere and I want to put the old NIC
> >> back in place.
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >> I won't comment on the rest, because I gotta do something similar for
> >> totally different reasons and haven't got my butt in gear yet (and
> >> darned if I'm going to bust my butt for someone for free when I haven't
> >> done it for money yet! 8-).  But a "shotgun" approach to the NIC IS part
> >> of the task...
> >>
> >> Nick.
> >
> > Continuing this question, if I have say an fxp nic thats plugged in and a
> > wi wireless interface with an access point near, what determines which
> > becomes activated at boot time?
> Am I missing something?  If hostname.wi0 and hostname.fxp0 exist then both
> are activated, just like if you have a sis0 and an xl0.
> Greg

I haven't tried this in some time (months) but I found that only
one was activated, hence my question.  But yes it does make
sense as I write this that both should have come up.  So I'll try
that tomorrow.  Guess this was a waste of electrons.  Sorry.

--STeve Andre'

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