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Re: setting runlevel to single-user

Brett Lymn wrote:
Do not make the mistake of looking at Linux for an example of a decent
init script implementation - every is agreeing here that sucks.
a look at a recent edition of NetBSD or FreeBSD, have a look at their rc.d directory, the scripts are in one place, the options are contained
in an rc.conf file - just one file to control whether a daemon is activated
or not, and what options to pass it.

Fair enough, I've only had the misfortune of dealing with Linux init.

People who only have experience with small or hobbyist installations rarely
see the point of a more sophisticated method of stopping and starting services. Generally (and there will be exceptions I suppose), people who
deal with many machines or complex environments appreciate the usefulness
of encapsulating the starting of stopping services. Being able to reboot
a machine and have the multi-tier oracle database application cleanly restart
is an essential thing.

Exactly, and that's why I prefer daemontools/runit. They provide a cleaner and more reliable way to start/stop/pause/etc services than SysV init. No pidfiles or grep'ing ps output or other nasty hacks.

Lars Hansson