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TI and the community's request

Hello All, specifically the developers.

The Senior Linux Technologist for TI visited the freenode openbsd channel just
now.  We spoke about the large amount of email he is receiving requesting the
opening of the firmware.

He was, obviously, upset with the tactics used and ask that we stop as no
one will receive a response due to TI's legal department looking into the
whole situation.

He seems like a guy who is working to get some of these requests met, and
would've responded earlier however was away on vacation.  I told him that I
would post to the list what he had to say as he is bound by the lawyers of TI
not to 'officially' respond.

I think some progress can still be made, but we should take into consideration
his request to stop and see what he has to say.

Just wanted to pass this on.  I hope progress can be made in this

I don't want this to be perceived as any type of official response, just
thought it worth posting here for everyone to see.

Thanks all.

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