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Re: ACX100 Firmware Licensing

At 11:05 AM 10/26/2004 -0600, you wrote:

I think 6 years ago we asked our user community to contact Adaptec in
the same way.  We had been requesting documentation for their scsi
chips, and Adaptec had been giving us the round-about for over a year.
It was going nowhere.  We asked our users to email the 30-some email
addresses which we had attempted dialogue with over the year.  Five
hours later I had a phone call from Adaptec asking me to stop our
users from mailing them.  I said it was `beyond my control'.  They
said that a few of the people were HR staff.  I said it was `beyond my
control'.  Next day, Adaptec asked for two of our addresses.  They
express shipped boxes containing a full compliment of cards, as well
as documentation for all their chips.  As a result today you will find
that Adaptec scsi support in OpenBSD is solid.


Don't suppose any of the Adaptec RAID controllers have a way to check the array status without rebooting the system and using a BIOS utility? If there are, it would also be nice to have a note on the HCL.

It's a shame that 3Ware is such a hard company to deal with - it *appears* their CLI is a very powerful tool.