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Re: Disabling password quality checking

Fernando Gont wrote:
> I'm using an OpenBSD system for providing mail service (SMTP/POP3) to
> a company.
> The "trouble" I'm finding is that when the personnel of the company
> tries to set their passwords, most times they are asked for *better*
> passwords (they seem to be using dictionary-based passwords).
> None of these accounts is used for any other service than e-mail, so
> I'd like to disable the OpenBSD's password checking feature so that
> the personnel can set any password they want, even if that's not a security-
> wise policy.
> Is there any way to do this?

Off course a professional like yourself doesn't have time to look at the
manpage. Or at least tries asking other before doing so. That's easier.
I get it.

But then, why would people write manpages? Ow yes to look things up for

But look at it from this way, suppose you would have look to it up right
now. You would find it in a minute, I mean I did, and I am not even a

You would have saved hours!

But how am I going to make you remember? Ow yes, give you solid proof.
Look it up in the manpage, it will take you less then a minute.

# Han