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installed 3.5 on presario R3000


Recently installed 3.5 on presario R3000 laptop. Multi-boot w/ FAT32
winXP partition. The notion of a portable Amd64 workstation intrigued
me! So, the Amd64 port installed and booted the Generic kernel with
no hitch. A few devices not configured in the dmesg, thought I'd send
it along but, the fact that those very devices were preventing the config
of networking made this difficult (nvidia pcmcia, broadcom wi-fi, realtek
lan...). So, I figured that copying the file with the dmesg output over to
the tested and working Multi-boot XP partition would be the next step.

Anyway, long story short -- tried to mount my FAT32 partition
with (mount -t msdos -w /dev/wd0i /mnt/msdos), this seemed to work
(btw -- disklabel indicated it was the right special) however nothing
showed in the node with 'ls'.  After a umount, reboot & pick of the
XP partition, things got really flaky with blue screens. No big deal
this is just a tinker toy machine right now anyway.

Is this a bug or am I too green? -- I'd like to get net configured, seeing as
USB was one of the configured devices, does anyone have suggestions for
a good USB wi-fi adapter? At least this would allow me to accomplish the
task at hand. If I get it working, there will be no need to reinstall the XP.

Thanks in advance.




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