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matching queues in both directions with stateful rulesets

Is there a way to assign wich queues stateful traffic
will use in both directions ?

Scenario, multiple customer firewall. Shared uplink (dc0),
customers on vlan interfaces on dc1, which is a trunk.

something like this in config:

altq on dc0 cbq queue { std-up cust1-up cust2-up }
queue std-up cbq(default ecn)
queue cust1-up bandwidth 10Mb cbq(ecn)
queue cust2-up bandwidth 10Mb cbq(ecn)

altq on vlan1 cbq bandwidth 10Mb queue { cust1-dn }
queue cust1-dn bandwidth 100% cbq(default ecn)

altq on vlan2 cbq bandwidth 10Mb queue { cust2-dn }
queue cust2-dn bandwidth 100% cbq(default ecn)

pass in quick ... from <outside> to <cust1> .... keep state ...

For a match on above rule queue for cust1 would be used
for traffic exiting vlan1, and std-up for return traffic.

If anyone is doing something like this I'm very interested in
suggestions and ideas.

/Tony S

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