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S L O W Linux printing

>On Sat, May 26, 2001 at 08:31:10AM -0400, Russell P. Sutherland wrote:
>> I am running cups on an intel machine running OpenBSD 2.8.
>> The version is cups-1.1.6. I only have a local printer (Lexmark
>> Optra E312L) attached via the parallel port
>> What I find is that after each print job is submitted (via lpr)
>> my CPU usages quickly hits 99%. The job prints fine, and it seems
>> that the data file in /var/spool/cups is still present.
>Probably you're using a printer driver that does some
>preprocessing. Take a look with top which processes are spawned
>after submitting your print job.


Did you ever fix this problem?  Since February, I've been trying to fix 
this on my Mandrake Linux distribution.  The last round of discussions 
are on the usenet listing (easiest to find with a Google groups search on 
the phrase "Why does printing take all my CPU ?" )

For me, the CUPS process spawns the "parallel" process, which sucks 60%+ 
of my CPU.

Any help you can give would sure be appreciated!


(for spam reasons, I dump email to the above address.  Any chance you 
could post a reply in the alt.os.linux.mandrake newsgroup that Google 
finds above?)