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Re: php problem with downloads

At 12:46 PM 10/19/04, Dan Harnett wrote:

On Fri, Oct 15, 2004 at 01:29:37PM -0400, Frank Bax wrote:
> OpenBSD3.5 - package php4-core-4.3.5RC3
> I know 3.6 is already available on cdrom, but I just got 3.5 live very
> recently and now I find a rather troublesome problem with php downloads.
> It seems that php files delivered by the 3.5 server have an extra \n at the
> beginning of download that wasn't there on my old 2.9 server. I created a
> simple html file with static content and downloaded it with lynx - that
> worked fine - renamed the html file to php and a download using lynx has
> the extra \n at the beginning of file.
> That extra \n is causing problems when the downloads are to be imported to
> other systems,

It's not a problem in the PHP package.  It is a problem in the PHP code
you are using.  I've seen the same issue.  Fixing the PHP code you are
using will fix the problem.

It was rather obscure - but I finally found the culprit. I had installed a PEAR routine and it had created a _prepend.php that contained only a single new line character!

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