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wi0 device time out

I wanted to replace a mainstream operating system on a Toshiba P30 laptop with OpenBSD 3.5 using cd35.iso. The wi driver recognized my [pcmcia prism card, but when I tried to ifconfig wi0 up, the card would freeze and time out. Ejecting the card and putting it back in gave me back a prompt, retrying the same problem. I don't mind much if the wifi card is not working during the install, but I don't want to find out it doesn't work after install.

HW is a Toshiba P30 with a Senao SL2511 pcmcia card. The same card works fine on other OpenBSD systems on desktops with pci-pcmcia bridge and soekris net4511.. Are there any Toshiba P30/cardbus related issues known?


I can't paste the dmesg.

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