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Re: "convert -verbose" broken??

On Tue, Oct 19, 2004 at 10:19:03PM -0700, Ralph wrote:

> ralph_(_at_)_~>file Ks_Choice_1.jpg
> Ks_Choice_1.jpg: JPEG image data, EXIF standard 0.73,
> 10752 x 2048
> 21:25:36->achilles
> ralph_(_at_)_~>identify Ks_Choice_1.jpg
> identify: no decode delegate for this image format
> `Ks_Choice_1.jpg'.
> identify: missing an image filename `Ks_Choice_1.jpg'.

have you tried adding '-debug' to the command?

my guess is that something is wrong with your installation, like
the IM programs can't find the IM "configuration" files (specifically