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Re: Supported Nics

On Oct 20, 2004, at 12:07 PM, Henning Brauer wrote:

* Roy Morris <rmorris_(_at_)_internetsecure_(_dot_)_com> [2004-10-20 17:52]:
I am checking the listing of supported network adapters and see the Intel dual
100 is supported. My vendor has for the same price 10/100/1000 Intel dual
cards, but I don't see they are directly supported. I checked the fxp man page
and found the quote below. My question is, does this mean the dual port 1000
*should* be supported?

intel gigE cards are not fxp. they are em(4). basically all intel gigE cards should work. very new ones might only work in -current.

Sorry if this is mildly off-topic...

I've been testing throughput on a CARP setup using old hardware and a bunch of fxp (82557) cards. I've noticed that traffic halts once interrupt traps hit between 18k-20k (note, this has nothing to do with CARP, it's the effect of passing packets across dual homed). Would it be feasible to expect that the em gigE cards will handle this load?


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