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Re: 3.6 downloads

Way to much work for Theo & Co. People that download can donate. People that want to support OpenBSD can donate. People that are cheap and want to exploit OpenBSD will always find a way to do it. But people/institution that for one or another legitimate reason can't afford it should still be able to use OpenBSD without any hassle.

I think that was Theo's philosophy all along: no red tape, no barricades and keeping it as free as possible. (Free here does not really refer to no $$$ but free in usage, accessibility, and everything else.) Putting a privileged group into place would start cutting into that freedom that OpenBSD is trying to archive/maintain.


On 10/18/2004 3:33 PM, Greg Maples wrote:
People are happy to pay money for access, it's been proven many times.
A simple way to encourage people to buy the CDs and/or generate revenue is:

1. Establish a priviledged class of downloader who has either paid or
2. Delay the release of the official -stable to non-priviledged by two weeks
or more.

People who just *have* to have the new release right away can either pay or
buy a CD.